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Insatiable Curiosity • Altruism • Benevolence • Collaborative learning • Intellectual inquiry • Self-improvement • Resourcefulness • Changed beliefs
June 1, 2021
Dolores Park,
Looking for 10 people
$700-$2200 a month

Experience the heart of San Francisco - the tech capital of the world. Mission District is an exuberant neighborhood with Latino roots and a hipster vibe. Vibrant murals line the streets of tattoo parlors, gourmet ice cream shops and Dolores Park, a popular weekend hangout with skyline views. Stay in this beautiful 1886 renovated Victorian house located in one of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco two blocks away from Dolores Park.

During the day, focus on your work and studies. At night and on weekends, join in on one of the many conversations, events, or activities. Houses are community driven. We encourage heavy experimentation on all aspects of the experience. There is a semblance of structure and each house's members build on top of it. Edyfi also works with select sponsors to provide resources and infrastructure across the physical and digital Edyfi ecosystem.

Here are some of the activities you can expect:

  • Problem Solving and Hackathons
  • Knowledge Sharing and Learning Groups
  • Weekly Demos and Pitch Nights
  • Fireside Chats
  • Family Dinners
  • Humbles (short spoken stories on someone's life or background)
  • Hikes, movie nights, and other activities

Who can apply?

  • Anyone, but we encourage those 18-25 to apply.

How long does this house last for?

  • 3 months

Do you offer scholarships?

  • We have a scholarship fund in place for those with demonstrated need. If you are a good fit, we will make it work so that you can attend.

Do I need to be technical or a founder to come?

  • No. We look for people who are deeply curious, passionate, and purpose-driven and who share our values.

How long does an Edyfi house last for?

  • Roughly 3 months, depending on location

What does a typical day at Edyfi look like?

  • During the day, participants focus on their work or studies. At night and on weekends, there are hackathons, outings, cooking, conversations, and more.
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