The Mountain Compound is a community oriented around founders building technology products. For two months founders from all over the world come together to build their startups, develop their products, and forge life-long relationships. Some people have startups raising large seed rounds with hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and others are just starting out in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Our values:

  • Hard-working on building something career oriented
  • Being respectful & inclusive of others
  • Enjoy deep dive conversations on making ideas better
  • Put others first

Join us if you're a:

  • Founder/Aspiring Founder
  • Engineer
  • Designer
  • PM
  • VC

This experience isn't for you if you're:

  • Interested in coming for just a good time
  • Not interested in technology

We look forward to having you out here!


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The day-to-day life here at the Mountain Compound looks like waking up & diving right into your anticipated work for the day. Others wake up to hit the ski slopes.

While work is the primary focus of this community, we also are sure to spend time together and play games late at night and on weekends. We enjoy going in the hot tub, playing cards, having some wine & sharing stories.

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Is there a minimum stay?
Yes. 2 weeks.

Can I bring a plus one?
Yes, but they have to be a fit for the house as well.

Is it cold?
Not really. The weather is incredibly mild for a winter and the sun is bright. The only time you should feel a need for a winter jacket is if you are on the ski slopes.

Who is coming?
CEOs and Co-founders of up-incoming startups from markets in SaaS, Consumer, Marketplaces, Crypto, and Much much more.

Is there a Covid Policy?
Yes, we take Covid seriously. Please check our link.

How do things get cleaned?
We have a comprehensive set of rules, but the gist is that people must clean up their own dishes, bedrooms, and other used areas themselves.



MTN Compound

Salt Lake City
Jan 10, 2021
Feb 28, 2021